Groove with Gradio or Jive with FastAPI

Gradio’s speed, a digital cruise,

Swift and simple, sparks a muse!

In no time flat, your groove you’ll prove,

With Gradio in your corner, that’s the move.

FastAPI’s power, it rocks the stage,

Shape your endpoints like a sage.

Flexibility is the game it plays,

In countless ways, it’ll amaze for always.

Streamlit’s charm, a sweet compromise,

Stands up your app through day and night’s rise.

It don’t take much coding might, no lies,

Streamlit’s got you covered, that’s so right.

Now, which path will you choose, tech bro?

Take a moment, let your thoughts flow.

Don’t be shy, eat your dogfood, let your app grow,

With these allies, you’ll architect with the know-how.

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